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  • With summer just aro

    June 03, 2021 1 min read

    With summer just aro
    Go To IG Post     With summer just around the corner, wedding season is starting or already in full swing. If you’ve already got your dress picked out and a date booked for your big day, now it’s time to get started on planning what rings will symbolize your love! ❤️
    There are many options when choosing jewelry for that special occasion- but one of the most popular choices is matching handmade wedding rings. These pieces can be customized with personal touches like engravings or accent stones which have meaning to both partners in the relationship. Or choose to only add stones to her band. Obviously, wedding rings don't need to match. But it's a nice gesture and if both partners love the look it's certainly the way to go.
    What do you think? Do you prefer more rustic textured rings or sleek modern styles? If rustic is your preferred choice I have a few textured ring options to choose from. One of my and my customer's favorite texture are these Woven bands. The woven texture is inspired by bird nest structures. The random weaving pattern is created by a computer script and will slightly vary on each ring based on ring size and chosen width of the band. Shown here a set of 14k white gold rings.
    Ordering custom-made jewelry ahead of time allows couples plenty of time to design their ring together without worrying about running out at the last minute. Creating handmade rings to your specifications does take some time. It's best to plan a few weeks or 2 to 3 months ahead to keep stress levels down.
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