Ombre Dangle Earrings with Salt & Pepper Rose Cut Diamonds in 14k White Gold , Ready to Ship

Ombre dangle diamond stud earrings in 14k white gold with rose cut gray Salt & Pepper diamonds. The diamonds get darker the further down they drop.

Diamonds are set in a bezel setting.  The bezel is finished with a light satin-brushed finish (polished finish upon request).

The total length is 18mm. 

Diamond Spec:

  • Size/Weight:    ~1.9mm diameter/~0.03 ct to 3mm diameter/~0.125 ct 
  • Shape:   rose cut round faceted
  • Color: Natural loose Salt and Pepper, dark gray
  • Clarity: Included
  • Treatment:   None
  • Diamonds do not come with any lab certificates.

These pictured 14k white gold gray diamond stud earrings are ready to ship (ear nuts will be included).