Fair Trade Green Blue Sapphire Cushion Half Bezel Engagement Ring

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A cushion cut green to light blue sapphire set in a half bezel setting in this elegant engagement ring. The semi-bezel solitaire setting grows seamlessly out of the slightly rounded ring shank. The setting is a modified bezel setting with a low cut on 2 sides. It protects the gem stone and holds it securely while allowing light to enter from the sides to ring out more of the amazing sapphire. The ring will be hand carved out of wax, cast and hand finished. The matching wedding band is sold separately.

The minty green to ocean colored fair trade genuine sapphire will be hand set and the ring has a mirror polished finish. The band width is 3mm. Height above the finger about 5.5 to 6 mm. The pictured ring has a 5mm sapphire.

The sapphire may have a few tiny needle or feather inclusions that can be seen at magnification, but they eye-clean at arms length. Please see last picture for sapphires I have available and indicate you preference (availability may change)

Sapphire Spec:

Checkerboard Cut smaller 5mm:

  • Weight:   ~0.7 ct
  • Size:       5mm
  • Shape:    Cushion cut
  • Color: celery, seafoam green to light blue (see below for more info for each stone)
  • Clarity:    SI  (Slightly included - Small inclusions can be seen with the naked eye at close up but are not visible at arms length )
  • Treatment:    Heated
  • Origin:     Malawi

C2: Checkerboard cut, Color: Celery Green

C1 & C3 SOLD

C4: Checkerboard cut, Color: green

C5: SOLD Checkerboard cut, Color: green with some blueish flashes and color zones..

C6: SOLD Checkerboard cut, Color: Light blue

Checkerboard Cut larger 6mm:

  • Weight:     1.26ct & 1.3ct
  • Size:    6x6mm
  • Shape:     cushion cut
  • Clarity:     Eye Clean -at arms length, small inclusions at close up and under magnification
  • Treatment:     Heated
  • Origin:     Malawi, Fair Trade

SOLD C10 cool green, more included

C11 warm green, less included

The genuine fair trade genuine sapphire will be hand set. It's a Fair Trade Level 1 Gemstone, the highest level available. The sapphire is sourced from Columbia Gem House, a true pioneer in the fair trade gem marketplace. Fair Trade Gems are closely tracked from mine to market to ensure that every gem has been handled according to these strict protocols. Using ethically sources gemstones with recycled metals makes this an Eco-conscious engagement ring.

More sapphire information here.

Available in sizes 4 to 9, larger sizes may vary in price. 

Material options:
Available in white gold, rose & yellow gold and platinum.

Ring is Made to Order- for the most up-to-date fabrication time frame please check my listed turnaround times below in the footer area.

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