Bumpy Bracelet Bangle 3D Printed and Cast Oxidized Sterling Silver Bangle, Ready to Ship

Ready to ship Sterling Silver bracelet bangle with a bumpy design and a grainy texture from the printing process. Best worn by stacking multiple of these bracelets together. They will make a lovely sound when the move against each other.

Each bracelet is 4mm wide and 4mm deep. The surface is polished on the high points and matte finish in recesses with a black oxidation. . The inside has been hand polished to a high shine.

The bracelet was designed by me in a 3d software (Rhino3D/T-splines) and printed on a 3D printer in a resin/wax material. It was then cast in solid sterling silver using the lost wax casting method.

This bracelet is ready to ship and available in size Medium - inner diameter of 2.5" - 63mm Standard Size, fits most people

Other sizes and finishes available as made to order bracelets here.