Stainless Steel Bracelet Bangle 3D Printed Morphed Design, Ready to Ship Medium Size

Ready to Ship morphed stainless steel bracelet bangle. The side rails were connected on various points and twisted to give it a dynamic morphed structure.

The bracelet was designed by me in a 3d software (Rhino3D/T-splines) and printed on a 3D printer. The 3D printing process builds up a design layer by layer using stainless steel powder. Printed stainless steel has a slightly textured surface finish from the 3D printing process This 3D printed stainless steel is very strong and rigid with similar properties to 420 stainless steel. During the printing the material was infused with a bronze content of up to 30%. This gives these bracelets a slightly bronze hue.

The width ranges between 13mm to 8.5mm, 2mm deep.
It is ready to ship in  size: Medium - inner diameter of 2.5" - 63mm Standard Size, fits most people.

Other sizes are made to order here .