Cold Mold Kit

This Cold Mold silicone compound is great for making impressions of any object.
It is an easy to use, fast setting mold making kit. This listing is for 1 oz container containing equal amounts of putty parts A and B. Pot life is 1 - 2 minutes, cure time is 10 to 15 minutes. Putty is best used on 1 sided objects.

Easy to use:
Just take equal parts of the white and pink putty out of their containers and knead them together quickly until you get a uniform pink color without seeing any streaks of white putty. Form a ball, flatten it and either press over your object or lay the putty on a clean surface and press your object into the putty. Let it sit there without removing the object for 10 to 15 minutes until fully cured. Then remove your object. In the cured stage the compound is flexible and non-sticky. Most objects will be easy to remove.

I recommend this kit to my customers that want to order fitted wedding bands to be worn stacked next to their engagement rings. This allows them to keep their e-ring while still giving me a chance to have a model of their ring for fitting purposes. Lot's of my engagement rings are wider at the setting. A straight band would not sit snug stacked next to it. The wedding band needs to be curved where the setting occurs. Since my engagement rings are all created one by one, each has a unique shape and needs a specially fitted band.

Image 2 show a mold I received back from from a customer that has a side impression of her pearl ring (similar to the pearl ring shown but her's was a bit smaller). I then poured liquid wax into the impression to get a 1 sided replica of her ring. This I used to fit a new carved wedding band.
The putty will not harm any pearls, metals or gemstones.

This listing is for 1 oz container of pink and white putty only, pearl ring and pearl ring mold shown in some images are not included.