Flush Set Pastel Blue Teal Montana Sapphire Accent Add-on

This listing is for an additional small 1.5mm/0.017ct  to 2mm/0.04ct blue-green Montana sapphire flush set into the metal of an engagement or wedding ring. Listing is for one additional sapphire, use it to customize a ring design.

Sapphire specifications:

  • Grade: AA grade- Near colorless, eye clean; good brilliance; good cut; good polish
  • size: 1.5mm/0.017ct, 1.75mm/0.025ct or 2mm/0.04ct
  • Colors: pastel blue to greens, teal blue-green and blue
  • Treatment: Heated

Please note that the pastel color Montana sapphires are in limited supply. The colors vary quite a bit from stone to stone. It's impossible to match them by color. The sapphires will not match the color of the stone in your engagement ring. 

Please select the sapphire size that fits in your chosen engagement ring or wedding band design. Typically the flush set sapphire needs to be at least 1mm smaller than the width of the ring band.


Montana Sapphire comes from gem rough found in the mountains of Western Montana; this gemstone displays an attractive blue-green color, some in the lighter pastel shades and some darker hues.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September.