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Golden Rutile Quartz Rock in Paw Prong Solitaire Sterling Silver Ring - Cocktail Ring, size 5

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This colorful cocktail ring features a large oval Golden Rutile Quartz gemstone in a very unique and sculptural design. Five "Paw" shaped Prongs hold the central faceted stone.

This Golden Rutile Quartz ring has the perfect amount of bling for your next cocktail party or special event. Making a statement has never been easier - and with this one-of-a-kind look, you can be sure you're giving 'em something to talk about!

The stone is hand set and the ring has a polished finish. 
The faceted stunning quartz is 19.3 x 15.3 mm. I don't know the exact weight as I don't want to remove the stone from its setting. My guess is it weighs around 15ct.


  • Size:    19.3 x 15.3 mm
  • Shape:    Oval checkerboard cut faceted
  • Clarity:     Included, beautiful golden needle inclusions
  • Treatment: None

The organically carved ring shank varies in width between 3.9mm at the shoulders to 6.5 mm at the flat bottom.

The ring is ready to ship in size 5 and will not be resized

 Every jewelry box needs a stand-out piece! This Golden Rutile Quartz Cocktail Ring is sure to shine amongst the rest, with its unique organically carved setting and eye-catching sparkling stone. Get ready to make a statement, girl! 💃💎

About Rutilated Quartz; 

Golden rutilated quartz is a kind of quartz found in a large number of locations throughout the globe, although most rutilated quartz available comes from Brazil or Madagascar. A rutilated quartz features the inclusions of Rutile within its crystals. Most pieces of rutile are small needles such as threads within the stone.

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