Mixed Metal Chatham Alexandrite Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

Mixed precious metal Alexandrite engagement ring with a round Chatham created Alexandrite, set in an elevated bezel on a narrow ring shank. The pictured example has a rose gold bezel on a platinum ring shank. Make your custom ring by selecting from the many metal options for bezels and shanks.

The lab created Alexandrite will be hand set. The ring shank can have a satin brushed finish (standard) or mirror polished finish (optional). The band width is about 2mm to 2.5 mm. Height above the finger about 5 mm.

Ring can be ordered with Chatham created alexandrites in sizes 4mm/0.3ct, 4.5mm/0.44ct, 5mm/0.64ct (as pictured), 5.5mm/ 0.78ct, 6mm/ 1.13ct, 6.5mm/ 1.4ct, 7mm/ 1.8ct

Available in ring sizes 4 to 9, larger sizes may vary in price.

Material options for the band and/or setting: 

Select contrasting metal colors for the band and setting or for a more subtle look select same metal for band and setting. If a metal combination is not listed contact me for a quote.I have listed following metal combinations:

Ring Shank Bezel Setting Metal
14k Yellow Gold 14k Yellow Gold , 14k Rose Gold and 14k Nickel White Gold
18k Yellow Gold 18k Nickel White Gold, and 18k Yellow Gold

14k Nickel White Gold/

18kPD White Gold

14k Yellow Gold , 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold

14k Yellow Gold , 14k Rose Gold, 18kPD White Gold

Platinum  18k Yellow Gold , 14k Rose Gold and Platinum


Ring is Made to Order- for the most up-to-date fabrication time frame please check my listed turnaround times below in the footer area.

Chatham created Alexandrites offer a wonderful alternative to the very rare and pricy genuine Alexandrite at affordable prices. Chatham created gemstones are the best on the market that show the famed color change beautifully.