Pink Rose Cut Tourmaline Rubellite 14k Yellow Gold Prong Stud Earrings, Ready to Ship

14k gold stud earrings for everyday wear with beautiful Pink Rubellite Tourmalines in freeform Rose-cut shapes. The tourmalines have beautiful unique inclusions that add a special beauty to these earrings.

One-of-a-kind Tourmalines are set in a handmade 14k yellow gold prong setting. They measure 9mm x7.5mm diameter and 3.6mm high. The gold prongs are finished with a polished finish.

Tourmaline Spec:

  • Weight:   ~1.2 ct each
  • Size:    ~7.5mm x 6.5mm diameter
  • Shape:   freeform rose cut 
  • Clarity:     Included- beautiful natural inclusions can be seen at close up, some break the surface
  • Treatment:   None

These pictured 14k Yellow Gold tourmaline studs are ready to ship (ear nuts will be included).

Tourmalines: Feminine and sophisticated, many women choose this October birthstone regardless of their birth month. Appropriately, it enhances awareness, love, and compassion. It is chosen to celebrate the 5th wedding anniversary.

Birthstone: October · Anniversary: 5