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  • Princess-Cut Square Loose Teal Moissanite Stone

    These loose princess cut teal Moissanite gemstones are available for a custom-built ring by Nodeform Jewelry.

    Select your stone size and type, then select a ring setting that fits the shape and size of the selected stone. Add both to your cart and we'll create your ring!

    Teal Moissanite Specs:

    • Sizes: 5x5mm/0.75ct, 6x6 mm/0.1.25ct, 7x7 mm/2.0ct, 8x8 mm/3.05ct
    • Treatment: Lab Created
    • Shape: square princess cut
    • Color: green;
    • Quality: eye clean; excellent brilliance; good cut; good polish

    The color of these teal moissanites is gorgeous, a mix of greens and blue tones depending on lighting conditions. There are some color tone variations in these, some are darker, and some are lighter colors. If you have a preference let me know.

    Some cool facts about Moissanite:

    • This stone was discovered in an Arizona meteorite crater, but all Moissanite used in jewelry today is created in a lab
    • Ranking at 9.25 on the Mohs Scale, Moissanite is harder than ruby and sapphire It is durable enough for daily wear in engagement rings.
    • Moissanite has more than twice as much sparkle as diamonds due to its unique refractive properties.
    • Scientifically known as silicon carbide, Moissanite is used in computer motherboards when it is not used in jewelry.


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