Warranty for Nodeform Jewelry

I stand behind my work and want you to be happy with your ring for many, many years. Every ring I sell is fabricated my me under the tightest quality control standards and is carefully inspected prior to shipment.

I guarantee my work for one year after the purchase date. Normal wear and tear happens, and you will need to maintain your piece over the years. That may include re-tipping of worn down prongs, tightening of settings and replacing worn metal. Just like soles on shoes or tires on a car, metals wear down over time especially when worn every day like wedding or engagement rings. Platinum is the most resistant to wear of all the precious metals and will need less maintenance than Palladium, Gold or Silver alloys. Please note that all metal will scratch, scratched metal does not count as a defect. I strongly recommend that you have your ring inspected every 6 months and have any needed maintenance done as needed.

If there is ever problem with your ring and it is deemed to be caused by a manufacturing defect, I will make the necessarily repair free of charge. If it is deemed the problem was caused by normal wear and tear, then I will only charge you cost of labor and for any materials (metal, gemstones, etc) needed to make the repair. Manufacturing defects usually are defined as braking or cracked metal. Any damage done by dropping or hitting the jewelry piece on hard surfaces is not covered under this warranty.

This workmanship warranty does NOT cover theft, mysterious disappearance, loss or damage. Only loss of gemstones in their original settings, that have been inspected and repaired by a reputable jeweler, are covered by this limited warranty.

You should add all fine jewelry to a homeowners or renters policy, or even better specialized jewelry insurance like Jewelers Mutual Insurance which usually protects against loss, damage or theft at a very reasonable price.

Stone Loss Warranty

Should a gemstone I set fall out of your ring within the first year, I will replace it up to a stone value of $200.00 USD at no charge. If it was a unique, one-of-a-kind gem the replacement may differ from the original stone. Every reasonable effort will be made to find a suitable similar gem to fit your ring or alternatives will be presented.
It is important that valuable pieces are insured under your own homeowners, renters or individual jewelry insurance policy, as the maximum liability I can accept is $200.00. Gemstones of higher value should be insured by you and you will need to contact your insurance company in the case of a loss.

I do not guarantee against gemstones breaking, chipping or scratching. All Gemstones can crack, break or chip, even diamonds! Softer stones other than diamonds can easily get scratched and are subject to surface abrasion.

In order to qualify for the stone loss warranty, you agree to have your stone checked by a reputable jeweler, for tightness and wear, at least once every 6 months. You must also have any needed maintenance done at that time.

I don't guarantee stones I didn't set, in jewelry I didn't make.

I guarantee my workmanship and will repair any defect caused by me at no charge. I will also tighten any stone set by me at no charge. However, shipping cost will apply.

I don't pay for items to be shipped for inspections, resizing or repair work unless there is an original workmanship problem. You pay for shipping cost to me and for the return to you. I promise to always make a good faith effort to fairly and honestly deal with all of my customers in every way.