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Beautiful gemstones take the center stage in most of my designs. They come in  a wide range of colors and shapes to suite your taste.

If you are choosing a gemstone for your engagement ring, keep in mind that many colored gemstones don't have the durability to stand up to the daily wear and tear of engagement rings, without sustaining significant wear and damage over a long period of time. Sapphires and rubies are excellent choices when it comes to colored gemstones for engagement and wedding rings. But even those may show signs of abrasion after many years of daily wear. Alexandrites (lab created or naturals) are also a good option with just being slightly softer than sapphires. Softer gemstones like aquamarines, garnets, emeralds and topaz will abrade more quickly. Moissanites are a great sustainable alternative to the far more expensive classical diamond in an engagement ring, but still not as hard as a diamond. Diamonds are by far still the hardest material and will not get scratched or abraded over time.

Besides a gemstone's hardness, as measured on a Moh's scale, the toughness rating should also be considered when choosing the right gemstone for a ring. Hardness relates to scratch resistance, a materials ability to stand up to abrasion. Toughness is a measure of the ability of a mineral to absorb energy, and it measures of how likely a material is to chip or break.

Even though diamond is the hardest mineral, it can chip and fracture in normal day to day wear and tear if accidentally hit in the right spot. Included diamonds are more prone to chipping than those with a great clarity. Sapphires, Rubies and Alexandrites have an excellent toughness in addition to being very hard. Diamonds and moissanites rate as good to excellent on the toughness scale. Topaz and also Emeralds, while being quite hard, only have a poor toughness and can easily be chipped or cracked if they get accidentally hit just in the right spot.

For gemstones that do not have a good to excellent toughness, I would recommend considering a full bezel setting that protects the gemstones fragile girdle way better than a more exposed semi-bezel or prong setting.

You can find a list of the most common gemstones and their hardness and toughness rating on my jewelry care page.

If you are looking for a white gemstone for your ring, see this blog post to learn how white sapphires, moissanites and diamonds compare to each other.


Spinels rings in a beautiful color array

Spinels rings in a beautiful color array.


The gemstones I most often use are (click on the links to get more specific information about each one):

















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I love my engagement ring. It is stunning and truly a piece of art.

My fiancee loves it

Looks better in person. Quality is amazing.


My trillion Moissanite stud earrings exude an understated elegance. The bezel setting frames the dazzling stone, which is the perfect size for everyday wear.

above and beyond

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Konstanze's craftsmanship and customer service. My husband bought my engagement ring nearly three years ago from Nodeform and had to ask for some special requests during the buying process. Konstanze was extremely helpful and patient. The hoops my husband had to jump through to get this ring is one of the reasons why it is incredibly precious to me. So when the green moissanite chipped, I was heartbroken. I found a similar one on Konstanze's website recently, and she guided me through which one to buy that would fit the existing setting and answered all of my questions almost immediately. It was her awesome attention to detail and customer service that brought us back to her. I really cannot thank Konstanze enough and can't wait to have my gem replaced and ring back on my finger again. Thank you! (Attached picture is of the original engagement ring and green moissanite. :-) )

Amazing customer service and beautiful ring

Konstanze did an amazing job on this ring. She has amazing attention to detail and customer service to create a stunning custom ring. It looks even better in person than the photos. The subtle grey moissanite changes colour in different lighting from a very subtle to more obvious grey hue. Thank you for a ring I will cherish forever.