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If you're looking for a truly unique and stunning addition to your jewelry collection, consider an alexandrite ring. These bold and mystical gemstones are known for their ability to change color in different lighting, ranging from green to purple to red. Explore our collection of alexandrite engagement rings and alexandrite accented wedding bands and discover the beauty and versatility of this rare gemstone.

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What is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a rare and valuable gemstone that was first discovered in Russia in the 1830s. It is a variety of the mineral chrysoberyl and is known for its unique color-changing properties. In daylight or fluorescent light, alexandrite appears green or blue-green, but in incandescent light, it can appear red or purple. This phenomenon is known as "the alexandrite effect" and makes alexandrite a highly sought-after gemstone for jewelry. It is a magical gemstone that displays a beautiful color-changing looks. 

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It is a rare gemstone that only occurs in nature in small quantities and has been mined for over 200 years. Natural high quality alexandrites are very valuable and have been known to sell for up to $250,000 per carat! While we can source natural alexandrites for your custom ring designs, most of our designs use lab grown alexandrites made by Chatham Gems.Chatham created Alexandrites offer a wonderful alternative to the very rare and pricy genuine Alexandrite at affordable prices. Chatham created gemstones are the best on the market that show the famed color change beautifully and excellent faceting. 

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Why should you choose an alexandrite ring instead of other gemstones

  • Color-changing properties: One of the most unique features of alexandrite is its ability to change color depending on the lighting conditions.which makes alexandrite a fascinating and captivating gemstone to wear. You'll never get tired of looking at your alexandrite rings.
  • Hardness: Alexandrite is a relatively hard gemstone, with a rating of 8.5 on the Mohs scale. This means that it is durable enough to be worn daily and can resist scratching and chipping. With proper care it will last many years in engagement rings and wedding bands.
  • Versatility: Alexandrite is a versatile gemstone that can be used in a variety of jewelry styles, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. It also pairs well with other gemstones, such as diamonds, moissanite and rubies, making it a great choice for multi-stone rings.

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  • June Birthstone: Alexandrite is one of the birthstones for the month of June, along with pearl and moonstone. As a birthstone, alexandrite is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness to those who are born in June. It is also associated with qualities such as creativity, intuition, and imagination.
  • In addition to being a birthstone, alexandrite is often given as a gift to celebrate 55th wedding anniversaries. So, if you or a loved one were born in June, or are celebrating a 55th wedding anniversary, an alexandrite ring may be a particularly meaningful and appropriate choice.

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Care and Maintenance of Alexandrite Rings and Jewelry

To keep your alexandrite ring looking its best, it’s important to take proper care of it. Avoid exposing the ring to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures, as this can damage the gemstone. You should clean your alexandrite with water and dish soap every few weeks to remove dirt buildup from oils on your skin so that it doesn't lose its brilliance over time - this will help maintain its beauty! Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners if you have a natural alexandrite. But for lab grown alexandrites ultrasonic cleaners are generally ok to use. Additionally, consider having the ring professionally cleaned and inspected by a local jeweler every year to ensure that it remains in good condition. With proper care and maintenance, your alexandrite ring will continue to dazzle for years to come.

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