Marquise Diamond Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

A marquise-shaped diamond set sideways in a minimalistic engagement ring. The band starts at the setting with a knife edge which fades into a rounded comfortable shank. At the bottom, the ring is about 3.5mm wide tapering towards 2mm at the knife edge.

The ring will be finished with a mirror polish. The diamond is available in various sizes. The gem will be set securely in a hand-carved bezel setting.

Diamond options:

Non-certified: Size: ~ 0.25ct / 6x3mm  or 0.33ct/6x3.5mm Diamond
  • Grade (min): SI or VS clarity, G-I color
Or GIA Certified in sizes: 0.5ct/~8x4mm, 0.7ct/~8.5x5mm or 1ct/~9.7x5.5mm diamond
  • Grade (min): SI clarity, G-H color, good or very good cut, symmetry, and polish

 Custom rings with larger diamonds with GIA certificates are available upon request. Please contact me for price quotes based on your preferences. Price depending on actual diamond specifications. Harmony diamonds are available upon request. Harmony Diamonds are recycled diamonds. Recycled diamonds are the ultimate eco-friendly diamonds, as they do not cause destruction to our Earth.

Material options:
Available in white & yellow gold and platinum.

Available in sizes 4 to 9, larger sizes may vary in price.

Ring is Made to Order- for the most up-to-date fabrication time frame please check my listed turnaround times below in the footer area.