Trillion Lab Created Blue Sapphire Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

A trillion-cut lab-created blue sapphire set sideways in a minimalistic engagement ring. The band starts at the setting with a knife edge which fades into a comfortable flat shaped ring shank. At the bottom the ring is about 3.5mm wide tapering towards 2mm at the knife edge.

The ring will be finished with a mirror polish. The created gem will be set securely in a hand-carved bezel setting. Height above the finger about 6mm. Available with either Standard Lab sapphires or Chatham Created Sapphires.

Sizes for Standard Lab Sapphires: 6mm/0.95ct (as shown in first images) or a 7mm/1.5ct (last images)

Chatham created sapphire: 5mm/0.6ct, 6mm/1ct, 7mm/1.55ct, 8mm/2.35ct, 9mm/3ct

First images show a 6mm sapphire, last images a 7mm sapphire.

Available in sizes 4 to 9, larger sizes may vary in price. 

Material options:

Available in Sterling Silver (standard Sapphires only), white & yellow gold, rose Gold and platinum.

Ring is Made to Order- for the most up-to-date fabrication time frame please check my listed turnaround times below in the footer area.

Lab Sapphire Information:

Lab-created sapphires are a great ethical gemstone alternative, avoiding the earth destruction done my mining operations. Set in recycled precious metals they are a sustainable engagement ring solution.

The best lab sapphires on the market are Chatham created sapphires which have excellent cutting. Chatham’s lab-grown blue sapphires have a velvety blue color and pure clarity seen in only the best mined gems. All Chatham created sapphires come with lifetime warranty and a Certificate of Authenticity. Chatham is still recognized as the leader of created gemstones. The company's unbeatable Lifetime Warranty and Certificate of Authenticity assure reliability and long-term value of the gemstone.

The less expensive standard lab sapphires do not come with any warranties or certificates.

A lab sapphire is not an imitation, but a real sapphire grown in a human-controlled environment. Their physical and chemical properties are identical to natural sapphires. Since they are grown in a controlled lab environment, they don't have inclusions typical in natural sapphires of that size. Sapphires have a hardness of 9 on the Moh's scale. They are a durable choice for engagement and wedding rings.

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