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Marquise Pink Sapphire Ring

December 06, 2013

Whenever I work with large colorful gemstones I know why I love my job. It's such a pleasure to handle these bigger gems. I love carving the settings and rings in wax for these beauties.

This ring was a nice change from my usual engagement rings with smaller gemstones:

Marquise Pink Sapphire Silver Ring

Such a color splash.  It's a marquise pink Ruby/Sapphire set in a sterling silver engagement ring with a unique setting design.

The 3.5 mm wide rounded ring shank has the slit setting "growing" out seamlessly. The ring design was hand carved out of wax and cast in sterling silver.  The sterling silver is finished with a mirror polish. The ruby is approx. 4.9 x 12.6 mm. The gem was set securely in a hand carved setting.


Marquise Pink Sapphire Silver Ring


The gemstone has some inclusions which give it lot's of life and make it a unique one-of-a-kind gem treasure. It wasn't really a high end sapphire with all these inclusions. But I often prefer these over more flawless stones. It gives it so much more character and uniqueness. This is a beautiful pink sapphire or ruby, which technically is the same as both are corundum and usually only the intensity of the red shade determines if something should be called ruby or pink sapphire.I am not a gemologist and not entirely sure if calling it ruby is justified since the color is more pink than the blood red. It's a beauty never less whatever it's called.


Marquise Pink Sapphire Silver Ring


I really like how the ring turned out. I should explore this ring design a bit more and try if it translates well with smaller gemstones. I could see it selling well with marquise moissanites set into durable metals like palladium or gold. But those moissanites do get quite expensive in larger sizes. Maybe I will test it with an 8x4mm marquise moissanite in the new year when I find time to experiment a bit. Of course large marquise blue sapphires would be great too, but are somewhat rare.


Marquise Pink Sapphire Silver Ring