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December 07, 2013 2 min read

Since yesterdays pink sapphire marquise ring turned out to be such a hit I felt inclined today to give a smaller version a try. Saturday mornings are so nicely quite just sipping away on my coffee. Instead of just wasting my time with social media, opening the CAD program seemed more productive and still fun. Playing a bit in the CAD software to model a version for a 7 x 3.5mm stone was just the right thing to do.

Using the software Rhino3D with T-splines plugin with a bit of trial and error, lot's of push and pull digital clay modelling, I had this baby done.


screenshot of Computer modeled ring
This is a screenshot in the CAD program of the model.


Not perfect yet but it can be milled in wax on my CNC machine. I always do some more modifications in the milled wax anyways. So the computer model does not need to be that exact. It will get modified once I see how this works with the stone. But it's a start and the model can be adjusted for different stone sizes. I do have a couple 7x3.5mm sapphires on hand which I use in my other marquise full bezel design with the stone set side ways.


rendering marquise sapphire ring


rendering marquise sapphire ring



rendering marquise sapphire ring

The renderings show the stone just laying in the setting since I modeled this for production and not as a finished view. I probably don't do any casting this year anymore. This will have to wait to be finished in metal until the new year. Once cast and polished the metal of the partial bezel would be hammered over the sapphire girdle securing it in the setting.


It could also look good in yellow gold I guess.

rendering marquise sapphire gold ring


Or with a moissanite or diamond. The setting design is somewhat similar to my rings from my Fold collection,which mostly use round an cushion cut gemstones. This would be the same approach with a marquise shaped stones and the cut out of the partial bezel connecting down to the ring shank.



So may options. I am sure some of these will show up next year in my store.


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