Wax Rings for Platinum and Palladium Casting

Finished carving the waxes for the latest platinum and palladium rings.The 3 on the left will be cast in platinum and then later set with a green sapphire with small diamond side stones in the band and 2 moissanites (princess and trillion) in the solitaire rings. The 3 Wave rings on the right will be cast in Palladium and set with a Morganite and black diamonds in the other 2. There is one more platinum wedding band ordered that will be made out of milled stock and not cast.


carved waxes for rings



For this batch I will try the new HIP treatment my platinum caster Techform offers. Supposedly casting will be a lot denser with that. Of course there is additional cost involved. But it should save time in the clean up process and lead to longer lasting rings. I am looking forward to finishing these in metal when they come back.

Somehow last week was a the week for platinum orders, I am receiving more and more orders in platinum both on Etsy and my web site. Overall the trend seems to go more towards the more noble metal alloys. I don't receive many silver orders anymore.

But I still got a few silver wedding band orders and also as usual quite a few ring orders to be made in silver/palladium alloy. I am still carving those waxes for the next days and will do a in-house casting for those before the end of the week. I also still need to finish a few already cast rings from last week before moving on to the next batch. But all still is within it's promised turnaround times. Everything goes as planned.


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