Charm Swap Progress

Changed my mind a bit from the original charm idea for EtsyMetal's Charm Swap no 13.

I went with a simpler design without gold accents and stones.  I am engraving feathers onto Sterling charms. I can change them up a bit as I go and make each one slightly different. It's more fun this way. Otherwise I would go numb engraving the exact same thing on 20 charms. And honestly with all the time I spend doing my taxes, I just did not have time doing all the soldering and stone setting required for the gold accented charms.So this is the time saver option but still will produce nice charms.


charm progress
I did a practice piece in copper first and then finished one in sterling.
All charms have been solded then stamped on the back with CS 13, my makers stamp and the 925 sterling stamp.
Then they were oxidized in LOS.
The first 3 finished charms.
There is a large wide feather on the front and a smaller one on the back.
All engraved with the Lindsay AirGraver with a 116 degree Uniform-parallel graver point sharpened with the Lindsay template. I will now do a couple at the end of each day and should be finished by the end of the week, then shipping. The feathers are a great simple graphic and good for engraving practice. I can try curved and straight cuts, sculpt the centers, vary the depth and spacing of the cuts, etc.
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