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CNC Wax Carving Bridal Ring Set

April 08, 2014

Here some progress pictures creating  wax models for a custom order bridal ring set. The set consist of a engagement ring with a bezel set 5mm princess cut white sapphire and a woven texture wedding band. Both rings were modeled in Rhino3D (and Grasshopper for the wedding band texture). Then the wax models were cut on my CNC mill and further finished by hand.


Preparing the machine cutting path to cut the sides of the ring.
The rotary path to cut the outer face and inside of the setting
The actual rotary cutting which cuts the inside of the setting.
Cutting the wedding ring texture.
I actually had to do this a second time since I accidentally did the ring size too big.
After cutting  it requires removal of milling supports, some surface sanding for a finer finish and adjustment of the setting to fit the sapphire perfectly.
wax models bridal ring set
The finished wax models after clean up and stone fitting.

Those are ready to be shipped to the palladium caster. Once they come back sanding, grinding, polishing and stone setting will take place.