Spring Wedding Season

With spring weddings going on everywhere I currently work on more wedding rings than engagement rings. Here a few of the rings that were finished last week. There are a couple more that were pretty much done but were sent to the laser engraver for the requested custom inside ring inscriptions. Those will ship next week.

weekly finished rings


Most started out as wax carved models  shown here in this group shot a few days earlier. They were then cast in various precious metal alloys.


One of the finished wedding rings was the Cluster wedding band . It's a bubbly wedding band formed by clusters of randomly spaced tubes in various sizes with added moissanite sparkles. This one is fun, but it takes forever to make it since cleaning up all those tiny details and recesses takes a while. But it surely does look nice once finished.

Bubbly wedding band with added moissanite sparkles

Cluster wedding band with Moissanites

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