Water and Tree Wedding Rings

May 05, 2014 1 min read

I love the deeper meaning behind wedding rings, the symbolism they carry. The unbroken circle of a ring stands for the eternal commitment of two people to each other. Traditionally the rings are of similar design to visually show they match and belong to a couple. But  they don't have to. A contrasting look can actually symbolize the symbiosis of two elements or in this case two people. It highlights the close and often long-term interaction between two people.

One of my customers recently came up with a beautiful analogy in pairing of 2 of my textured wedding ring designs. He chose a textured ring from my Saw Cut collection for his ring and a Wrinkle wedding band for his fiance.

Water and tree wedding ring set



He wrote:

"For me the wrinkle band is like "water" and the saw cut band like a "tree". They each make each other whole.
Thank you for making Jasmine and my wedding rings special and unique.


This melted my heart when I got the note. I can now totally see the correlation between those 2 designs and the elements they represent.



Water and tree wedding ring set


Water and tree Textured  wedding ring set


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