Princess White Sapphire Angled Geometric Bridal Set

Congratulations to Lauren and Sarah who had their big wedding day this weekend. Laura selected this white sapphire bridal set for her fiance.


c white sapphire bridal ring set in palladium with woven wedding band

I love the combination of a geometric square ring setting with the more chaotic lines on the woven wedding ring. The woven texture was inspired by bird nest structures.

It's a sophisticated combo, unusual but not too flashy with a white sapphire instead of a more sparkly moissanite or diamond. Not boring at all while still being understated. Both rings were made in Palladium and the wedding band has a personal inscription engraved inside.


geometric white sapphire bridal ring set in palladium

Palladium bridal ring set, white sapphire engamenet ring and woven wedding band

The wedding band as shown is 4mm wide next to a 2mm wide engagement ring shank. If you prefer a different width for your own set you can purchase the white sapphire engagement ring and the woven wedding band separately.

The rings were carved in wax using CNC technology and computer aided design and then cast in palladium. Here a photo of the wax models before they went to the palladium caster:

wax models white sapphire bridal ring set

More progress pictures of the wax being CNC milled are shown in this blog post.


Sarah got Lauren a bridal set with a pear shaped moissanite and a matching contoured wedding band, also made in palladium. They both have a bridal ring set that matches each other tastes and style. I wish you both a happy life together forever and ever. It was wonderful working with them.

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