What you missed last week (mid June)

Last weeks finished rings in yummy paste colors. It never gets boring here.


morganite, sapphire and tourmaline rings

 Rings are set with: pink tourmaline, oval morganite, Chatham created blue sapphire and some water colored bluish tourmalines in the stacking ring set.

The stacking ring set with the small round tourmalines can be found in my Etsy shop.



The beginning of the week I spend mostly carving wax models for all the new orders and casting them (or sending them to the palladium caster).

rings ready for lost wax casting

Carved wax rings all prepared for lost wax casting the next day.

There is more work cut out for me this week finishing all the others too. They are already pre-finished and ready for refinement and stone setting later. Hopefully by the end of the week they are ready to be shipped out. A this point the palladium castings should arrive too and I can start finishing those.


I also got a new shiny tool that required some studio remodel. I had to install more desk space to make room for a new rolling mill.


All that white clean desk space gets me all excited for this week in the studio. I am sure I will be able to clutter it up in no time.


On the Home front I had fun with my new pets those ladybugs. Got them to take care of my aphid infestation on my kale plants. They seemed happy when I let them out of their bucket and a  couple hours later they already were busy making tiny ladybugs :)

Unfortunately a week later there aren't many ladybugs left and those unwelcome aphids are still on my plant. Looks like I have to resort to other methods to get rid my kale destroying bugs.



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