Channel Set Yellow Sapphire White Gold Contoured Wedding Bands

August 28, 2014 3 min read

I recently completed a custom order for a set of contoured wedding bands in 18k Palladium white gold and channel set yellow sapphires for a lovely Australia couple. They will be worn next to their cushion cut yellow sapphire engagement ring from my Fold collection.

contoured white gold wedding bands with channel set yellow sapphires

The finished rings turned out great.


Jon had purchased the cushion cut sapphire engagement ring in spring of 2013 and surprised Michaela with it a couple month later.

yellow cushion cut saphire Fold engagement ring

Michaela wrote me this wonderful note when she contacted me to make matching wedding bands to go with it.

"First of all I have to say a huge thank you for designing the engagement ring my husband surprised me with last year. We were wed in February however I have had the gorgeous solitaire on my finger since June last year. I absolutely love it and living in Australia, haven't seen anything like it. It's so unique and classic and beautiful."


Ahh, Thank you too! I loved making this ring. It has such a special bright yellow sapphire and turned out beautifully.


yellow cushion cut saphire Fold engagement ring


Since I did not have the engagement ring  in my hands to match the outer contour for the band curvature, I had to use my CAD model from the original engagement ring. I knew even with the adjustment I do by hand  after milling the wax model, it wold come pretty close to the finished ring outline. I sent Michaela a couple renderings  to finalize the stone choice.


bridal set cushion yellow sapphire ring and yellow sapphire channel set wedding band


The wedding bands were then milled in wax on my CNC mill and sent off to Hoover & Strong for casting in recycled 18k palladium white gold.


Here are the cast rings on my bench, prefinished and prepped before stone setting.



Not having done channel set rings is a while (other than the single channel set stone I often do) I had to get some practice in again. I purchased some Trendsetter Wheelswhile being in Tennessee for a platinum fabrication class at New Approach School. Those brass wheels are a great way to learn stone setting by just practicing it over and over again. I referred back to my notes from lat years comprehensive stone setting class too where we did practice channel setting quite a bit.


 practicing channel setting with Trendsetter wheels


After a couple practice runs setting CZ's into the brass wheel, I felt pretty confident to tackle the stone setting on the custom white gold rings.

Setting went well thanks to the previous layout in CAD and precise CNC milling of  the wax models.The small sapphires I got were slightly larger than the actual 1.75mm measurement I had ordered, which isn't uncommon. It brought them closer together with less space between. Thankfully it still worked  with the layout I had and I got then all set without touching each other. Doing this setting work under the microscope is a huge help.


contoured white gold wedding bands with channel set yellow sapphires

The finished wedding rings.

They made their journey to Australia without a hitch.


Michaela and Jon had in the mean time expanded their family with a newborn baby. Congratulations to the happy family! 

Once Michaela found time to open the package she wrote me this wonderful note:

"Finally got to see my rings! And they're both soooo beautiful! Thank you! My husband and I are both so excited for me to have them and couldn't think of a better jeweller to make these for us. The sapphires are slightly darker than the engagement ring but that's the nature of stones I guess. I just love the yellow though, I'm not into diamonds :) Such a special and unusual wedding ring set, I'm so thrilled to have worked with you on this. Michaela xxx"


Thank you both for working with me. It was such a pleasure making these rings for you. I am always humbled and touched by the gratitude I get from my happy customers.


I added channel set wedding bands to my line of wedding rings. They can be ordered as half or full eternity rings either with a straight outline or  curved contoured shadow bands. They are available with sapphires and moissanites. I will add a diamond and also blue sapphire version soon.

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I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Konstanze's craftsmanship and customer service. My husband bought my engagement ring nearly three years ago from Nodeform and had to ask for some special requests during the buying process. Konstanze was extremely helpful and patient. The hoops my husband had to jump through to get this ring is one of the reasons why it is incredibly precious to me. So when the green moissanite chipped, I was heartbroken. I found a similar one on Konstanze's website recently, and she guided me through which one to buy that would fit the existing setting and answered all of my questions almost immediately. It was her awesome attention to detail and customer service that brought us back to her. I really cannot thank Konstanze enough and can't wait to have my gem replaced and ring back on my finger again. Thank you! (Attached picture is of the original engagement ring and green moissanite. :-) )

Amazing customer service and beautiful ring

Konstanze did an amazing job on this ring. She has amazing attention to detail and customer service to create a stunning custom ring. It looks even better in person than the photos. The subtle grey moissanite changes colour in different lighting from a very subtle to more obvious grey hue. Thank you for a ring I will cherish forever.

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I love the elegant simplicity of this necklace and have been wearing it most days since it arrived! It is perfect and I love it.

Beautiful, quality work!

Great communication throughout the ordering process and while waiting for the custom order to be completed. The ring turned out beautiful and is very well made. My significant other loves it and has been receiving a lot of great compliments. Very happy with the purchase! (Purchased along with the Moissanite Round Full Bezel Set Star Dust Engagement Ring.)