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  • Studio Move!

    August 30, 2014 2 min read

    I am looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend after this past busy week. I need the break and relax a bit. I did somewhat finish the studio move. It was exhausting I have to say. I certainly have too many very heavy tools.

    Most tools are set up and running and I even have internet connection again. In some ways not having internet for a couple days in the studio was actually quite productive. Less distractions I guess. However, since I run an online business too I do need to be connected.

    I packed and moved most tools and furniture last weekend and managed to put it together piece by piece during the week while also completing a few ring orders.

    new metalsmithing studio space

    I am quite happy with the space. It's far from perfect but so clean (not for long) and roomy. I don't need to move one tool to get to another hidden behind it. It feels great having this somewhat big space to spread out. No more working in PJ's, but that's fine. I really enjoy having the separation of a couple miles between living and working area. I am more in a work mode when being in the new studio. No more raiding the fridge during quick breaks, no laundry to attend, no dishes to wash and in general fewer distractions. I go in to do my work and go home to my other life. Just like any other person. Although, I do miss getting some sun rays in my garden during coffee breaks, no more hummingbirds to watch from my bench. The windows in the studio are just to get natural light in, no nice views or pretty things to watch.

    I still need to setup the computer table and photo equipment area and a few tools are still in boxes. I will probably change the layout a few times until all tools are in the right place to fit my work flow. I am also hoping to  convert the small desk in the back of my bench to an engraving bench. Having it back to back to the metal working bench is great as I can just swivel the microscope and bench light to the other side and don't need a separate one. Maybe that setup will get me into practicing engraving again. I think I have forgotten already the tiny bit I knew. Well, one step at a time :)

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