Mega Sparkle Moissanite and Palladium Stacking Ring Set

October 21, 2014 1 min read

Here a recently completed stacking ring set with mega sparkle factor. It has a 8.5mm/1.9ct moissanite half bezel ring with 2 moissanite Wave eternity rings stacked next to it. The ring set was a  special gift from Robert to his wife of 16 years, Jennifer.

moissanite palladium stacking ring bridal set


Robert wrote this wonderful note when he ordered the rings:

"I am so very excited about getting this ring set for my wife. We have been together for 16 yrs now and I want her to wear something very special because she is so very special.  That is why I asked for two matching wave bands for each side of the engagement ring. I want her to have the wedding band, anniversary band and engagement ring that I could never afford to give her until now and all of the rings at once. She is going to flip when I give this ring set to her. Thank you for doing such beautiful work and helping me give such a beautiful gift to such a beautiful woman."

Jennifer was thrilled when she got the rings. Thank you for choosing me to make these special rings for you both.


 I took a couple progress pictures while making the rings:

wax models for moissanite ring set

Milled and carved wax models


moissanite stones being set in a ring set

The palladium rings are pre-finished and moissanites are getting set.



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