Etsy Metal Blog Carnival: Holiday Preparation

Over the years I realized that the Holiday season isn't really my biggest selling season anyways. Since most of my sales are for engagement and wedding rings, spring, summer and fall are my busy season. Holiday season only gets stressful if I don't set cut off dates for Christmas delivery early on. Since I am leaving on a vacation in mid December, my cut off dates will be extra early this year in mid November. So if you were hoping for a Black Friday special, don't count on it. It's not gonna happen.

If you had your heart set on something special, get it way before the cut off date. And for international customers there are no guarantees at this point, since international shipping is fairly unpredictable. 


For those that miss the cut off date in Mid November there are always ready to ship rings still available. The selection is more limited to what designs and sizes I have in stock. Cut off date for those will be the first week of December to allow for time to resize rings if required. This year I kept up with listing every in stock items quickly when they were finished. So there is no extra work for me to hush through this year. I also don't plan to make more stock. Somehow this never really seemed to make a big difference anyways. The main goal this year will be to get all orders out in time before I leave on my vacation.

Since living in the States I really learned to love Thanksgiving holiday. I much prefer the more relaxed atmosphere where it's just all about spending time with family & friends and eat great food. I haven't made any plans yet for that special day. Since I have finally a functioning range in my kitchen I could actually invite friends over this year and do the cooking. I love cooking. Such a relaxing and creative task.

Last year I flew to Europe over the Holidays to visit my family in Berlin and enjoy the German holiday food and treats. The food was great but the weather was bad as usual. I guess I lived in Los Angeles too long to get used to freezing temperatures, barely any day light and depression introducing gray, rainy days. If there would have been snow, it would have been more fun. But there wasn't. Still spending time with loved ones is great. And I did a short trip to Amsterdam too with my sister and my nice. What a great city!

This year I am celebrating the Christmas Holidays under palm trees and surfing in the pacific ocean in Costa Rica. I am so looking forward to that. Instead of duck or rabbit there will be seafood and margaritas on the table, or whatever they serve there. I am sure I will love it, I am not picky.


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