Etsymetal Blog Carnival: New Years Resolution

The change of the year always comes with some reflections on the past 12 month and what the new year should bring.
I am really happy how 2012 turned out and don't think I need to do any drastic changes with my business. Things are going in the right direction and I will just keep refining them. That might be developing a few new designs and getting rid of some old ones I am tired of making. I also hope to find time to take some professional classes to refine my skills or acquire a few new ones. The first one will be a stone setting class in a few weeks to learn some new tricks and tips from the masters.

A couple moissanite rings completed in 2012

I am also teaching myself a new CAD software and hope this leads to new explorations. More info on this and the brooch making challenge can be found in last weeks post. The first couple days of this Brooch A Day challenge have been fun so far. Can't wait to see what new inspirations I get out of this.

Overall I think 2013 will just be a year for refining my business and my life and maybe even find more balance and free time to do other things.

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