Halo's and Flying Saucer Rings

I had this idea in my head for a while to do some halo design inspired rings. I finally carved a couple wax models for these new design prototypes.

The halo tops were turned on a Foredom lath and then attached to stubby prongs on a hand carved rounded ring band. This gives it a "flying saucer just landed on a ring" look  :)

The first ring would be for faceted 5mm stones like diamonds, moissanites, sapphires etc. The center stone would be set flush into the halo. I guess small tiny gem stones could be flush set all around to give it even more sparkle. But usually I go more for the understated look, I prefer the cleaner version without added small sparkles on the wide rim.

Wax model of Halo ring with moissanite

Side view showing the elevated Halo top
Underside of Halo ring

Ring on hand
The second design is for a one-of-a-kind giant tourmalinated quartz with an unusual buff cut.  This will be a freaking gigantic cocktail ring :) I added later 4 flat prongs to the inside of the halo to hold the stone.

Halo ring for unusual black needle quartz

Side view

Wax model shown worn on hand
 The rings are already cast but I still have to find time to do all the finishing work. Might take a while since April seems to be a very busy month for me.

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