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Rain and a Chalcedony Ring

November 04, 2011 1 min read

Rain season seems to be slowly rolling into LA. Today was one of those rare rainy days after weeks or month without any rain. I love those wet days since I know tomorrow there will be sun again. Next day the air is clean and one can see the mountains clear and bright without all that usual smog. It's a great day to get comfortable with a cup of hot tea and be productive in the studio, while listening to the drops on the metal roof overhang.

To this rainy occasion I finally finished a ring I had carved in wax over a year ago. It was hanging out on my bench for month and month. From time to time it was picked up, rotated around, messed up a bit and put back to the other unfinished projects again.

I had set the Chalcedony in the silver setting a while ago but then decided it needed some flush set sapphires on the sides. And those took me a while to finish in between other jobs. Flush setting is not really my specialty.

Finanly photographed it a couple days ago and listed it last night. Today it already sold!!!!! Yeah!!!
I think that is a new record. Love it. Would be nice to sell always things that fast even if they sometimes take a while to get finished. So this baby will travel to it's new home tomorrow.