Diamond Faceted Rings and Brooch Panel Studies

September 24, 2013 1 min read

The other day I was playing with some new software plugins for my Brooch a Day challenge. These involved using the Lunchbox plugin for Grasshopper to study with paneling components. Some great tools in there that need to get explored further. So I played with those tools a bit on very simple ring shapes too.

I went ahead and CNC milled 2 rings in wax in different width with a diamond shape facet pattern to see how well that pattern would translate into the real world with the tools I have on hand. Cast those in Sterling Silver. The facet edges came out a bit softer after polishing the wax first to remove the light tool path lines and then a light polish and satin brushed finish over the silver rings. I prefer it that way as it looks less machined. A more subtle look. Overall this makes some simple, lightly textured wedding rings with a soft feel. Here the finished rings:

 I am testing how people react to these and listed them on Etsy and my new web site.

There were other panel options too for the rings, here shown in a computer rendering. Panels can be squares, triangles, diamonds, skewed or staggered quads. Could not figure out how the hex panel tool works. Next time.

The Grasshopper definitions for each ring. Pretty simple to use.

So for the brooches I am working along the lines of uneven panel fields with triangular grids maybe.

Or some round brooches with different paneling.
Still needs some work.


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