Weekend fun with 3D prints

Guess what I m doing this weekend? A little hint:

3dprints for upcoming real brooches

Got a box full of goodies from Shapeways containing 3d prints of some of my Brooch a a Week designs. Some are from early designs, some newer. I am starting to get a feel for what prints well in the low resolution cheaper nylon material. I think this time I only had one model rejected by them for not being printable in that material. Usually there is a little part too small to print requiring remodelling (which I often don't have time for). Or I would have to opt for the more expensive high resolution polymer prints. But I am trying to keep the cost in check since this is just a fun project and not generating sales.

So this weekend I will play with some of these and try to attach brooch findings in some way or the other to make them wearable. Should be fun.

Here a few in more closeup:

Conical Pavilions pattern 3D prints

3d prints in white and coral red nylon of BAD-42 and simple variations of BAD-53/54. Those printed patterns look pretty. They will make nice little brooches. Think I need to send out the others from that pattern series too.


These are 3d prints from my virtual BAD-10 to 24 "Hex Space Rails" 
Those came out better than expected, except maybe the dense version on the upper right. Clearly they print better if there is some space between those rails, otherwise the material just smooches together to one big blob since it's the low resolution white nylon plastic. Now I need to figure out how to attach a brooch pin of some sort.Not an easy one with these. Right now I am drawing a blank here, but I am sure something will enlighten me if I stare at it long enough.

So other than that little fun project I am also planning to work a bit more on my new website (still have to add ton's of products) and check out the Abbot Kinney festival in Venice on Sunday. Plus a little bit of landscaping in my yard is in order, maybe a bike ride to the ocean too and buying fresh veggies at the farmers market.

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