August Birthstones

August Birthstones

Go To IG Post     August's babies are in luck since they can choose from 2 birthstones: the original Peridot and the amazing colorful Spinel.
I am personally not a huge fan of Peridots, but spinels have my heart. ❤️
Spinel makes a good engagement ring choice due to its hardness and its vast array of gorgeous sparkly colors. Spinel is a cost-effective alternative to usually pricier sapphire options.

I just added 2 new ready-to-ship rings with blue Spinels to the site. Both a very low-profile rings. 💍 There are also 2 new large oval spinels added as loose gemstones to be used with the Build-Your-Own-Ring setting options or for other custom orders.💎 What would you design with these?

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