June's Birthstone Alexandrite

June's Birthstone Alexandrite

Go To IG Post     One of June's birthstones is the magical Alexandrite. 💚💜 The other birthstone options for June are pearls and moonstones. All these are beautiful and enchanting. But pearls are very soft, moonstones are only a tad stronger. Both are not the great option for engagement rings and should be left for only occasionally worn rings or even better for necklaces and earrings. Alexandrites however are quite durable and perfectly suited to be worn daily in engagement or wedding rings. 💍

Alexandrite is a mystical gemstone that changes color from a reddish-purple to bluish-green depending on the light source. Genuine Alexandrite is very rare and pricey, especially in larger sizes. I highly recommend choosing lab-grown alexandrites to not break the bank and be able to choose a bigger size.

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Alexandrites look lovely paired with diamonds like in this recently completed Lydia engagement ring with an asymmetrical cluster of sparkly diamonds and a 5.5mm Lab-created Alexandrite as the center stone.

Alexandrites are one of my favorite gemstones to work with. I will feature a variety of different designs in the next few weeks to show you the magical beauty they have no matter what design, metal, or gemstone combo they are set in. Be prepared to fall in love with them. 💖

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