Why Choose a Pear-Shaped or Teardrop Engagement Ring?

Why Choose a Pear-Shaped or Teardrop Engagement Ring?

Tears of Joy

So you’re looking for a stunning modern engagement ring but want something a little different and unique… ever considered an elegantly set pear shape diamond or gemstone? 
This style is perfect for an empowered woman with a flair for romance and elegance.

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Pear engagement rings are sometimes referred to as “teardrop engagement rings”, named for their distinctive shape.

The sideways bezel set pear engagement ring design is Nodeform's signature design, featuring a minimal contemporary look in an easy-to-wear low-profile bezel setting. These rings are perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

vertically set pear diamond engagement rings

The traditional way of setting the pear shape gem vertically gives it an elegant and elongated appearance. If the tip points towards the fingernail it looks like a falling raindrop. Shop similar styles here.

pear moissanite prong set engagement ring on hand


Pears shaped gems look also great with a diamond halo like the Ophelia setting with a green pear moissanite.

Or use pear-shaped side stones in a 3-stone engagement ring setting like the Tressa engagement ring with pear blue sapphire sides and moissanite center. This style is also available with pear diamond sides here.

 And if you can't get enough of pears then go with a 3-stone pear ring design with a pear center & side pears like this custom stunning bridal set.  Contact me if you want to explore your options on a design like this. 

3 stone pear diamond engagement ring

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