Elegance Redefined: Handcrafted Half-Bezel Engagement Rings

Experience the allure of our exclusive handmade half-bezel engagement rings, where classic elegance seamlessly merges with contemporary style. With Nodeform, you can be confident that each engagement ring is masterfully designed to represent not only your everlasting love but also unparalleled sophistication and long-lasting resilience.

Collection: Semi/ Half Bezel Engagement Rings

Discover the Beauty of Semi-Bezel Settings

Welcome to our exquisite collection of handmade half-bezel engagement rings, where timeless elegance meets contemporary craftsmanship. At Nodeform, we take pride in crafting engagement rings that not only symbolize love but also exude sophistication and durability. 

What is a Semi-Bezel or Half-Bezel Setting?

A semi-bezel setting, also known as a half-bezel setting, marries the security of a bezel setting with the brilliance of a prong setting, resulting in a stunning and protective embrace for your precious gemstone. Unlike full bezel settings that encase the entire gemstone or prong settings that use small metal prongs to hold the stone, a semi-bezel setting partially encircles the gemstone while leaving its sides open. It allows more light to enter and enhance the diamond's or gemstone's sparkle.

How Does it Differ from a Bezel or Prong Setting?

The distinction between a semi-bezel setting and its counterparts lies in the balance it achieves. Unlike prong settings that expose more of the gemstone or bezel settings that offer maximum protection but may limit light entry, a semi-bezel setting strikes the perfect equilibrium. It secures the gemstone firmly while permitting light to illuminate it from multiple angles, resulting in a brilliant, yet safe, display.

Is it More Secure than a Prong Setting?

Absolutely! The semi-bezel setting is renowned for its security. While prong settings can be susceptible to snagging and potential damage, the semi-bezel offers a snug and protective grip on the gemstone. This makes it an excellent choice for those with active lifestyles or professions where their hands are frequently used. However, if you are rough on your jewelry a ring with a full bezel setting may be a better choice as it secures the entire rim of the gemstone leaving no exposed gem edges.

Who is This Setting Best For? 

The versatility of the semi-bezel setting makes it suitable for a wide range of individuals. It's ideal for those who value both aesthetics and security in their engagement rings. Active individuals, nurses, teachers, and anyone with an affinity for modern design and practicality will appreciate the beauty and durability of this setting.

Does a Half-Bezel Setting Make the Gemstone/Diamond Look Smaller?

One of the remarkable aspects of the semi-bezel setting is that it doesn't compromise the appearance of your gemstone. The metal that goes over the gemstone's girdles only covers a very small portion of the edge, just enough to hold it securely in place. By allowing more light to interact with the stone, it enhances its brilliance and makes it appear larger and more radiant than it might in a traditional bezel setting. This is a winning choice for those who want to maximize the visual impact of their gemstone.

What Diamond or Gemstone Shape is Best for a Semi-Bezel Setting?

The semi-bezel setting is versatile and complements various gemstone shapes beautifully. However, it truly shines with round brilliant-cut and princess-cut diamonds, as these shapes maximize the play of light within the setting. Additionally, the semi-bezel setting is a fantastic choice for unique gemstone shapes such as oval, cushion, and marquise, as it accentuates their individuality while providing protection.

In conclusion, our collection of handcrafted half-bezel engagement rings combines the security of a bezel setting with the brilliance of a prong setting. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or simply appreciate the modern aesthetic of the semi-bezel, these rings are designed to capture hearts and last a lifetime. At Nodeform, we invite you to explore this collection and find the perfect ring that symbolizes your love story in a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary design.