Revised Secrete Santa

The last blog post showed the carved wax ring for a unique shaped sapphire to be set. Well, as it turned out I was rushing to get it finished and chipped the stone. Not a surprise it happened since the stone was highly included and had very thin and sharp corners.

So I went with plan B which in the end may have turned out nicer anyways.



I made a stacking ring set from my Wave Collection with a round garnet center stone. I was lucky  that I had the sterling silver castings in stock in the right ring size and just needed to set the stone and finish them. Since my Secrete Santa recipient preferred bold designs I added one of my 3D printed brooches and made it a somewhat matching set by putting a garnet in the center of the brooch. The bezel set garnet serves as the pin. The presents made it just in time before Christmas eve to my happy recipient Winona.

And look what I got as my Secrete Santa present from Nikki aka NRjewellerydesign :


turquoise mixed metal bangles
The bracelets are so beautiful, love the Turquoise stones especially. Such beautiful colors. They make a lovely sound when worn. I have been loving Nikki's designs fr a while and I am so happy to own one of her pieces now. I love Secrete Santa. Can't wait until next year.
I just got back from my 2 week vacation in Europe. I spend some time with my family in Berlin. Celebrated Christams in cold gray weather (although everyone told me it was quite mild weather- well having been used to LA weather for years now it felt cold)  Lot's of hefty German food was on the table. It felt like all we did was eating, not that this is bad. We celebrated New Years with fireworks and improvisation theater on the Kurfuerstendam in the center of Berlin. I also traveled with my sister and my niece to Amsterdam for 3 days. It was so nice to stroll along the canals, see all the historical buildings, amazing art in the museums. I had a great time but I am also glad to be home again and start into the new year with some plans and goals I want to archive. More about those goals in the next post.
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