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  • New GRS Tool Love!

    January 18, 2014 2 min read

    In my quest to learn engraving I got a couple new tools at the end of the year (needed some tax write-offs). I love new tools. They always bring a bit of new excitement into everyday tasks.

    I finally went for a GRS ball vise which will be essential for engraving work. I went for the big Positioning vise.  The ball vise is just amazing how it rotates with such ease and stays centered under the microscope. So much nicer to work with than the BenchMate which I used for years. The new vise is huge, and heavy as hell. I really want to know what they put inside. I have trouble even lifting that baby.



    But I have to say being able to adjust the renter of rotation makes working under the microscope so much easier. I don't constantly have to chase the object with the scope. It stays focused as I rotate the piece to work on all sides.


    At first I thought the vise I got would be too big and I would need to exchange it for the lower smaller version the low profile vise. But it turns out the size is actually perfect when it just sits in my bench pan. I don't even need to install the GRS Positioning Vise Shelf  I got. That one will go back to Rio.


    I also found another pretty awesome use for it: It let's me shoot movies for new designs with the object rotating. Since my Nikon D7100 is equipped with a video function I figured I play around a bit.
    You will see some listings in the future with little videos. This should make it so much easier for customers to envision the piece they get. Here is the first listing I used it showing off these new grape colored fair trade sapphires in one of my fold designs. Luckily it's pretty easy to embed videos in Shopify product pages. One more reason I love my new site. 
    Grape sapphire for Fold engement ring
    Do you like red wine? How about putting something with that yummy raspberry to grape color on your finger instead of gulping it down. I have 2 available Fair Trade sapphires in shades between a raspberry red Zinfandel to a well bodied deep red Cabernet Sauvignon. Guaranteed no calories involved with that indulgence.
    PS: stone is just sitting in the sample mounting so I can make your custom ring in your ring size and preferred metal of choice.

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