Engraved Charm Prototype

I finished one prototype for a charm with some engraving. This is the first one realized from my previous sketches. One half of the charm was engraved with some wavy lines and the other side was has a matte scratched finish. Where those 2 meet I added some 18k gold accents, one of which is a tube setting with a 2mm moissanite.

silver and gold charm with moissanite

With the jump ring soldered closed it works well as a necklace charm as shown below. With an open jump ring it could be used as a bracelet charm. This is my first prototype  figuring out some sizes and overall design for the Etsymetal Charm Swap. I opted for metals I am more familiar working with. But I think the charms for the swap will rather use brass than gold.

 silver and gold charm necklace


I first engraved  it flat on some sterling sheet since negraving on a flat surface is a lot easier than on a curved one. Then cut the 18.5mm disk out, domed it with dapping tools and then soldered the gold accents and jump rings on. After soldering I had to clean up the engraving a bit again where some solder flowed into some lines. (Note to self: protect those the next time with some white out. while soldering to prevent overflow)

I also did oxidize it to see how the charm looks in black and if the engraving texture still comes out nicely. It's pretty both ways, white or black.


black oxidided silver and gold charm

 black oxidided silver and gold charm

The engraving clearly still needs work to look more even and controlled. But I am pleased so far and think this is going in the right direction. I love the play of light reflecting on those bright cut lines. I hope to find some time this weekend to shape and sharpen a few different gravers and see how each works with line patterns. Then try a few of the other designs from my sketches. I will probably list a couple of these explorations as necklaces for sale in either my Etsy shop my web site.


More sketches for charm designs


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