Beach Break

Nice to be your own boss when it allows to go on a break in the middle of a weekday and take a ride along the beach. That's one of those nice changes of taking a leave of absence from my day job and doing jewelry full time. I love being able to control my own schedule. Unfortunatly I don't do these breaks often enough. Somehow I always get carried away in my daily studio tasks. Yesterday was such a beautiful day with a sunny clear sky and temperatures in the seventies that I just had to leave the studio for a while. So I took the bike and went down the couple miles to the Dockweiler beach.

Empty beach bike path and Santa Monica mountains in LA smog.

Tire tracks in sand.

 No life guards on duty today.

 Seagulls and foot steps.

 Beach volleyball fields are unusually empty.

 Someone gets ready for a kite flight.

  Back along the Baloona Creek.

 and trough Marina Del Rey back home.
Hope to do that in a couple of days again. It's so nice to see the beach deserted. Maybe I take my inline skates out again.
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