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  • Wedding bands he (and you) will love

    March 09, 2021 2 min read

    Wedding bands he (and you) will love

    Shopping for wedding rings for both you and your partner is a fun wedding planning task you can tackle together from the comfort of your sofa. Your wedding bands are the symbol of your eternal love for each other. You will be wearing them for the rest of your life... no pressure, right? 
    For a lot of men, the wedding ring could be one of their only pieces of jewelry they ever wear. So to make sure he will actually love to wear it, the ring should reflect his style, be comfortable, and durable to last a lifetime.
    I used my winter break to update some of my bestseller wedding band listings with new photos and add more designs. If you haven't checked the men's wedding ring collection recently, take a peek. 



    Handmade rustic textured men's wedding bands with a concrete, hammered, and woven pattern from Nodeform on Vimeo.


    You and your partner's wedding rings don't need to match. If you want that, I do have many designs available in various widths and sizes. But the key to finding something you both love is choosing wedding bands that reflect your individual styles. Wanting a dainty diamond band in rose gold while your partner wears a wide rustic white gold band says nothing about how compatible you are as a couple.

    classic simple wedding bands for men and women

    Remember, many designs can be customized beyond what's available on the website. Accent stones could be added, change a finish, prefer comfort fit over the classic fit, want to engrave the inside of your rings? No problem, just ask to discuss options.

    Most wedding bands are available in white, yellow and rose gold, some also in sterling silver or platinum. 

    plain domed wedding rings in yellow, rose and white gold and various widths



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