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One-of-a-kind Wooden Ring Box

September 27, 2013 2 min read

So you finally found the perfect ring to give, now it's time to think about how to propose to the person you love and want to spend your life with.

You don't need to hire a flash mob to make your big proposal day a special event. That kind of proposal isn't for everyone. Sometimes a small romantic gesture is all that is needed to make your loved ones heart melt and shows them how special they are. You should know them pretty well at this point to have a feel for what they like or not. Taking clues from your happiest moments spent together can be great inspiration. After all you want to make it a very personalized and unique experience. Such clues could be memories form vacations taken together, love letters (or love emails/SMS) you received from your partner, concerts you went to together, your favorite hangout spaces, ... anything that shows them that you cherished every moment you spent with them.

One of my dear customers made a very romantic gesture by crafting a personalized ring box for the ring he ordered from my shop. He had ordered a ring from my Saw Cut collection which has a texture similar to cut wood. Jeff gave it to his partner Phil as an engagement ring along with a meaningful box he made to go with it. He created the box from a piece of wood they found together on a hike in Yosemite.

The piece of wood is so unique and makes a beautiful ring holder with a personal touch. Such a romantic gesture.

The ring he ordered is similar to this Saw Cut wedding band.

Each ring has a one-of-a-kind unique texture just like the grain on each piece of wood is unique. It's a wide rustic wedding band with a carved texture of uneven fine lines that gives it the look of cut wood.

The ring line was inspired by the German wedding tradition of log cutting. After the ceremony is done, the bride and groom have to cut a log placed on a sawhorse. It's the first obstacle the couple has to accomplish in their married life. It's quite an exhausting task done without any power tools. It's especially hard to accomplish considering it has to be done wearing a suite and big wedding dress. This symbolizes their teamwork and shows how well they work together to complete the task.

Jeff's wooded ring box was perfect with the theme of the ring design, although it looks like he did use some power tools when creating his special box.  I really like the 2 nails too keeping the top and bottom perfectly alined.

Please check also out this personalized ring box for a Tourmaline ring.

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